The Groningen's Pharmaceutical Student Association “Pharmaciae Sacrum” is the study association of Pharmacy students in Groningen. Pharmaciae Sacrum, Latin for “the sacred of the Pharmacy”, was founded on December 12, 1881. It is the oldest study association of Groningen and the second oldest in the Netherlands. Pharmaciae Sacrum, often shortened to P.S.,  is the department of the national pharmacy association, K.N.P.S.V (Royal Dutch Pharmaceutical Students' Association) in Groningen. The boardroom of Pharmaciae Sacrum can be found in the basement of building 3213, part of the building of Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Movement Sciences at Antonius Deusinglaan 1.

Pharmaciae Sacrum has numerous activities organized by many committees. More information about the activities can be found in the agenda and on the committee pages.