Extra lessons

P.S. organises supportive group lessons for members who need extra help with certain courses. From this year on, it is also possible to sign up for individual lessons. During COVID-19, it is still possible to give or receive extra lessons.

Group lessons
Pharmaciae Sacrum organises additional group lessons for its members. The additional lessons consist of 4 sessions of 2 hours and take place before the re-examination. During these lessons, a teaching assistant (TA) who is experienced in the course goes through the material and students can ask questions. Furthermore, the TA discusses relevant exams and a few exercises are practiced. In total, 20 students can participate. Each additional lesson is given by two teaching assistants. Students can participate in these lessons for free and teaching assistants receive €15 per hour. Group lessons will only take place in case of a sufficient amount of participants. 

Go to the ‘Group lessons’ page to sign up as a student or as a teaching assistant. 

Individual lessons
Apart from the group lessons, it is possible to follow individual lessons. It is possible to sign up as a teaching assistant or as a student. If you choose to sign up, the board will couple you with a student or a teaching assistant, respectively. Hereafter, the appointments and payments will be mutually arranged between the teaching assistant and the student. The individual lessons cost €10,- per hour. 

Go to the ‘Individual lessons’ page to sign up as a student or as a teaching assistant.

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