Committee Cup


Committee Cup

Committees, can we have your attention! The battle has begun! You can now win the Committee Cup by attending at a number of activities. You can earn up to two points during some activities. One point for presence and one point for clothing. The committee needs to take a picture with the P.S.-camera. The committee may also take a selfie with their own camera/phone. There are some conditions attached to the photos.

  1. Pictures taken with a camera other than the P.S.-camera must be sent to within three (working) days.
  2. Only committee members should be on the picture. 
  3. The photo must show that it has been taken during the activity.
  4. Committee clothing must be clearly visible.

Points are awarded to committees during the following activities:

  • General Members' Meeting
  • P.S.-Social Drink
  • EJC-parties
  • End-of-Schoolyear Camp
  • Introduction Committee intro party
  • All three activities of the Charity, Entertainment and Sports Committee
  • AlDi-party/AlLus party
  • Dies/Lustrum Reception
  • Dies/Lustrum Cultural Evening
  • Dies/Lustrum Outdoor Activity
  • Dies/Lustrum Dinner
  • Dies/Lustrum Prom

When there is a draw for an activity, no points are awarded for the committee trophy.

Change of rules 20th of October, 2020

  • You can 1 earn point for presence for every social activity that takes place online. 1 additional point can still be earned for clothing.
  • Points can only be awarded when a picture is send in to one of the board members or to within 24 hours after the activity.
  • If two or more committee members are in the photo, 1.5 meter distance must be kept.
  • Committee members do not have to be in the same picture when an activity is online.


Committees can earn 1 point for presence. When the committee is complete during an activity, they get 1 point. If a committee consists of 6 people and 5 people are present, they get 5/6 point. The same applies to a committee with 5 people. If 4 persons are present, they get 4/5 point.


Committee can earn 1 point for clothing, namely:

  • Wearing committee clothing during: P.S.-Social Drinks.
  • Wearing association clothing during General Members' Assembly‚Äôs and Dies/Lustrum reception.This means a P.S.-pin for men and women, plus a P.S.-tie for men.
  • Wearing theme clothing during First-year Committee parties, Introduction Committee intro party, End of Schoolyear Camp parties and the Dies opening-party.
  • Wearing a suit or evening dress at the Dinner and Prom during Dies/Lustrum.

Points are recorded by the board.

Four times a year the committee trophy will be awarded to the committee with the highest score. The award ceremony will take place during the General Members' Assembly.

The winning committee will be displayed with a photo on the TV-screen in the P.S.-boardroom. They will also take home the Committee Cup. From that moment, the scoring will begin again. The Bylaw committee, Alumni Committee, Financial Comittee, Archives Committee, Technichal Supporting Committee and Banner Bearer Committee are not allowed to participate in the competition.