How do I become a member of G.F.S.V. “Pharmaciae Sacrum”?
More information about the membership and how to become a member, can be found on this page.

How do I become an alumni of G.F.S.V. “Pharmaciae Sacrum”?
More information about the membership can be found here and how to become an alumnus can be found on this page.

How do I cancel/end my membership with G.F.S.V "Pharmaciae Sacrum"?

Membership of our association can be terminated before the first of September by emailing the board to board@psgroningen.nl. After that the board will sign you out for P.S. A membership of our association is always valid form September to September.

What if I have already paid the contribution of €20,- at the beginning of the study year, but I will graduate during the study year?
In that case, you can choose to stay a member until the end of the study year and switch your membership to an alumni membership for €35,- per year afterwards. If you want to switch your membership to an alumni membership directly, then you will pay €20,- for the rest of the study year and after that €35,- per year.

I forgot my password, what now?
If your account is activated, you can easily reset your password on this page. Your email-address can be filled in on this page. The email-address that you are using for your P.S. account and you shall receive a link with which you can reset your password.

My account is not activated, what now?
After you have send your SEPA-authorization and your registration form (by mail) you will receive an e-mail with which you can activate your account. If you didn’t receive this e-mail you can send an e-mail to board@psgroningen.nl or you can go to the P.S. boardroom. The e-mail will then be send again. Still didn’t receive an e-mail? Probably the e-mail ended up in your spam box.

How can I change my address?
Your personal contact details can be easily adjusted. Go to “MY PS” -> “Profile” and press “edit profile” on this page.

How do I order my study books?
Ordering your study books is very simple. On the P.S. site you click on the tab “Webshop” -> “Order Books”. Here you find the link to the webshop where you can buy your study books.

How do I change my bank account number?
You can’t change your bank account number yourself, because you signed a SEPA-authorization that is connected to this number. Download a new authorization form here and send this signed to Pharmaciae Sacrum, Antonius Deusinglaan 1 or you can go to the P.S. boardroom. The board will then change your bank account number as soon as possible.

How many days before an activity can still sign out for this activity?
You can sign out for an activity till three workdays before the activity. After the passing of this term you can only sign out with a valid reason. For the oversees excursion applies another sign out term, which is mentioned in the event description on the website. Signing out after the sign out term has to be done by emailing the board of P.S. More information about signing in and out for events can be found in the Protocol In- en Uitschrijven.

How do I pay for the activities and goods?
The expenses for an activity or lab goods will be automatically collected at the end of the month (after the student loan comes in).

How can I place vacancies?
Vacancies can be placed by emailing a company logo and a text in a Word file to board@psgroningen.nl.