Student Council Pharmacy


Pharmacy students can come to the Student Council Pharmacy (SCP) with comments and complaints about examinations or other study matters. Every two months there is a STOF-meeting where the complaints are discussed and various sections of the department give an update on issues. Each student may attend these meetings, so if you have an opinion about something or you are curious about what is happening within our study, come visit a SCP-meeting.

In addition, since a few years there are Year Representatives. They are the contact person for people within their own study year. If you run into problems with subjects, teachers, student counselors or anything else, you can go to the Year Representatives. The Year Representatives take these items to the bimonthly SCP-meeting.


Student Council Pharmacy 2024-2025

Rick van der Leij (2019) Praeses
Lisanne Els Carton (2019) Ab-actis
Tess Brouwer (2022) Quaestor