Study Active Certificate


What is the SAC?
The Study Active Certificate (SAC) is an official document signed by the praeses of Pharmaciae Sacrum and the Program Directors of the Bachelor and Master of Pharmacy, currently prof. dr. K. Taxis and prof. dr. F.J. Dekker. The SAC lists up the experiences you have gained besides your study. This can range from visiting symposia to taking seat in one of the many committees from Pharmaciae Sacrum, K.N.P.S.V. or the faculty. The board of Pharmaciae Sacrum and the department of Pharmacy believe that these activities are an addition for the enrichment of the knowledge and life experience of the student.

Request SAC
​​​​​​​The SAC must be requested by the student by sending a mail to the board of Pharmaciae Sacrum. To obtain this certificate there are a few rules. You need to have been active for a minimal of two years in a board or committee and you must have obtained at least 25 points. Each board or committee has a different grading, which can be found here, English or Dutch. For further details on the criteria for getting your SAC, please click here, English or Dutch.