Lustrum Committee


The Lustrum Committee organizes the five-anniversary of the association, which takes will take place next year!. For two weeks there will be different activities, such as a symposium, a reception, a reunion day, a cultural activity, an Outdoor activity, a dinner and a prom. The committee consists of six persons and is installed during the General Members' Meeting in March. The Lustrum Committee members take place in the committee for two years.


28th Lustrum Committee

Myrthe Boerrigter (2017) Praeses
Anna Breukelman (2018) Ab-actis
Tijn Jorritsma (2016) Quaestor I
Menno Broekman (2017) Quaestor II
Charlotte van den Herik (2018) Assessor I
Xander van Es (2019) Assessor II