Year Representatives

Since a few years, the STOF (Student Council Committee) has Year Representatives. As a Year Representative, you are the point of contact for the students in your academic study-year. If your fellow students encounter problems with courses, teachers, study advisors, tests, etc., they can come to you with their issues. You then take these points to the STOF-meetings, which take place once in two months. There, students and teachers will look for a solution together. 

Year Representatives 2020-2021

Wyona Louise van de Poel (2020) Year 1
Isabelle William Villaleem Ottes (2020) Year 1
Maisara Mohamed Mahmoud Abdelaty Elkattan (2019) Year 2
Sina Nikbakht (2019) Year 2
Anieke Hofhuis (2017) Year 3
Maarten Slief (2017) Year 3
Anneloes Wonink (2017) Year 4
Daan Boellen (2015) Year 4
Nienke Mones (2016) Year 5
Sybrand Zielhuis (2016) Year 5
Frank Pierik (2014) Year 6
Jan de Boer (2014) Year 6
Lilly van Rooi (2014) Year 6
Fleur Nijdam (2020) MPS Year 1
Stefan Ridderbos (2019) MPS Year 2