Current Board


Pharmaciae Sacrum is being led by the board every day. The board consists of five students from different cohorts of the Bachelor and Master Pharmacy. The board represents the association at official events and is the face of the association. They work on the coordination of committees, finances of the association, contacts of the study and sponsors and the organization of study-related excursions and activities. Contact with our members is of great importance, as such is a high priority for us.

The board can be found in ‘het P.S.-hok’ every (work)day, where they carry out their work. Members regularly come to our boardroom for a break, where they are provided with a cup of coffee or tea. Committees also have a room at their disposal where they can use a computer, hold meetings and make phone calls. The board takes care for this room as well.

For the year 2024-2025 we form the board of Pharmaciae Sacrum and we hope that we can do a lot for the association this year. For questions and/or a nice chat, everyone is welcome to visit ‘het P.S.-hok’!

The 143rd board of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"

Jildou Bernaards (2020) Praeses
Juliette Meijers (2020) Ab-actis
Jesse Fakkert (2018) Quaestor
Eline Brummelhuis (2021) Assessor I
Danique van Dijk (2022) Assessor II