Honorary Members

Pharmaciae Sacrum has had several honorary members and honorary chairmen during its existence. The honorary members have been offered the honorary membership, because they have contributed during and after their studies to Pharmaciae Sacrum. Moreover, they mean a lot to the pharmacy in the Netherlands and abroad. Honorary membership is a proof of merit.

The honorary members assist and advise the board of G.F.S.V. “Pharmaciae Sacrum”. They give advice on issues within the association. For example, honorary members have helped develop the alumni membership, Study Active Certificate and the conditions surrounding the board grants of the university. The honorary members are often present at the General Members' Meeting, where they can give their opinion. In addition, honorary members are also present at social activities such as the annual RWPT (RijwielPrestatieTocht) and activities during the Dies Natalis.

The current honorary members are: prof. dr. J.H.G. Jonkman, Ms. drs. G.E. Inia-Douma, prof. dr. C. Neef, prof. dr. H.W. Frijlink, Ms. drs. Y.M.G. Gleis, dr. H.C.J. Geers and dr. H.J. Woerdenbag. They are all employed and/or expertised within a different area of pharmacy. In the text below, all honorary members will be introduced shortly.

Professor Jan Hasker Jonkman was installed as honorary member during the Lustrum in 1992. During his time as student, he meant a lot to P.S. He has been assessor I of Pharmaciae Sacrum in ’66-’67 and praeses in ’67-’68. He has also been assessor on the board of the A.N.P.S.V. (now K.N.P.S.V.) in ’67-’68 and president in ’68-’69. He is also one of the founders of ‘de Pil’ (pharmaceutical fellowship of Vindicat atque Polit). In his professional career, he has been a public pharmacist in Assen. Later, he founded and directed Pharma Bio-Research. In 1993, he received the Willem I Plaquette for his work, awarded by prince Claus in the Ridderzaal in The Hague. From 1996 to 2018 he was connected to the university as (part time) professor Quality Management of Drug Research & Manufacturing.


Mrs. Gesien Inia-Douma has been an honorary member of our association since the Lustrum of 1997. She has been asked due to her affinity with KNMP, because she has been part of the main board for six years. Within P.S., she was ab-actis during the board year 1961-1962. The following year, she was part of the A.N.P.S.V. board. Besides that, she has also joined several smaller committees at P.S. and the A.N.P.S.V. She was a member of both Vera and Magna Pete. Because of her broad amount of experience and contacts, she has been part of the Lustrum Committee of the RUG during her time as student.


Professor Kees Neef became an honorary member during the 24th Lustrum, due this affinity with hospital pharmacy. Since 1st February 2007, professor Neef was professor at the university of Maastricht. He has been head of the hospital pharmacy in the Academic Hospital of Maastricht. He was active in the European Association of Hospital Pharmacists until 2020. In 2019, professor Neef received the honorary membership of the NVZA.


Professor Erik Frijlink has been installed as honorary member of P.S. during the 25th Lustrum in 2007. He is head of the base unit Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy and the director of the Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy. He is also a teacher at several courses at our university. Professor Frijlink has been requested to become an honorary member due to his bond with the faculty and his involvement with the pharmaceutical students in Groningen, the pharmaceutical industry and Pharmaciae Sacrum. In 1981-1982, professor Frijlink was the assessor I of the board.


Mrs. Yolande Gleis has been installed as honorary member during the Lustrum in 2017. She has worked in the public pharmacy Tuindorp, located in Hengelo. In ’74-’75, ms. Gleis has been assessor II of the board of Pharmaciae Sacrum. She is also an alumnus of the association. She has been part of several committees, such as the ‘Fietsrallycommissie’ (Cycling Rally Committee) and Editorial Committee. Besides that, she is still active at the KNMP. She has been part of the main board of the KNMP, together with ms. Inia-Douma. After being part of the main board, she has given time and attention to the training to become Public Pharmacist Specialist, the Public Pharmacy Complaints Committee and the First Line Complaints Dispute Foundation.


Dr. Harm Geers was installed as an honorary member after the 142nd Dies Scientific Symposium. Currently, he owns public pharmacies in Bennekom and Wageningen. In ’91-’92 dr. Geers has been the praeses of the board of Pharmaciae Sacrum. Some notable things he has achieved with his board are the installment of prof dr Jonkman as an honorary member, and acquiring the ‘auditorenregeling’. He has been part of several committees, such as the Foreign Trip Committee. In his professional life he is very ambitious and undertakes multiple projects besides his work as a pharmacist. He has his own podcast, ‘Apothekers Podcast’, in which he discusses topics about medication use in an understandable way. He is a member of ‘Centraal College Specialismen Farmacie’ of the KNMP and has been appointed program director of the Charlotte Jacobs Instituut. He is very enthusiastic about pharmacy so if you get the chance to talk to him, please do because he is willing to do so.


Dr. Herman Woerdenbag was installed as an honorary member after the 142nd Dies Scientific Symposium. Most of you know him as a teacher of the subjects Pharmacuetical Technology and Biopharmacy and Herbal Medicine, however he also has a rich history with Pharmaciae Sacrum. As a student he took part in several committees, like the ‘Fietsrallycommissie’ (Cycling Rally Committee) and the ‘Honderdjarig jubilieum commissie’. After his studies, he did his promotion research at the base unit ‘Farmacognosie en Galenische Farmacie’ and after that he held coordinating positions however he never lost his sight of teaching and P.S. Don’t fret to ask him about his time with P.S. he always talks about it with relish.