Honorary Members

The current honorary members are: prof. dr. J.H.G. Jonkman, Ms. drs. G.E. Inia Douma. prof. dr. C. Neef, prof. dr. H.W. Frijlink and  Ms. drs. Y.M.G. Gleis. They are all employed within a different area of pharmacy.

Pharmaciae Sacrum has had several honorary members and honorary chairmen during its existence. The honorary members have been offered the honorary membership, because they have contributed during and after their studies to Pharmaciae Sacrum. Moreover, they mean a lot to the phamarcy in the Netherlands and abroad. Honorary membership is proof of merit.

The honorary members assist and advice the board of G.F.S.V. “Pharmaciae Sacrum”. They give advice on issues within the association. For example, honorary members have helped develop the alumni membership, Study Active Certificate and the conditions surrounding the board grants of the university. The honorary members are often present at the General Members' Assembly, where they can give their opinion. In addition, honorary members are also present in social activities such as the annual RWPT (RijwielPrestatieTocht) and activities during the Dies Natalis.