In the academic year 1987-1988 the banner was manufactured. When the banner was designed, there was one major limitation: the banner should be a one of a kind banner and should not be confused with another banner. This was done by combining a number of aspects related to Pharmaciae Sacrum.

First, P.S. is a study association from Groningen, this can be seen on the banner. The city of Groningen has an official weapon since 1819, namely a shield of gold, with a double headed black eagle with spread wings and legs, having a shield of silver on their chest with a green crossbeam. This weapon can be clearly seen in the banner of P.S.. However, in our banner one of the heads of the double headed eagle has been replaced by Aesculapius (reference to the god of medicine), as a symbol for the pharmacy. The weapon of Pharmaciae Sacrum itself also returns on the banner in textual form. The official association name: Groningen's Pharmaceutical Student Association "Pharmaciae Sacrum”, is reflected in all facets on the banner.

Four colors can be observed on the banner. As previously mentioned, the shield carried by the eagle is white with a green crossbeam. White stands for cleanness and purity. Green stands for water and sea. Moreover, green and white are the colors of Groningen. Furthermore, the banner is featured by its beautiful deep blue color. Blue stands for peace, air and sky. The eagle and text are made of gold thread. Gold represents wealth, abundance and mineral resources. Blue and gold are also the colors of Pharmaciae Sacrum, now you know why.

Jacques van Rossum created a poem for the banner. He was President of Pharmaciae Sacrum in 1987-1988. The poem is as follows:

Oh, gij artistiek kunstwerk

Gij staat stevig, gij staat sterk

Gij zijt van goud geweven

Hoog en lang zult gij voortleven

The banner bearers of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum":

1987-1988   Dick Verbrugge

1988-1990   Ard van der Meij

1990-1992   Tjibbe Bottema

1992-1994   Huub Pollman

1994-1996   Alexander Nap

1996-1997   Sjoerd Weikamp

1997-1998   Rutger de Vries

1998-1999   Gijs Hubben

1999-2000   André Rijkeboer

2000-2001   Jouk Snoek

2001-2002   Matthijs van Luin

2002-2003   Pieter Burgert

2003-2004   Peter Brummelhuis

2004-2005   Volkert de Bot

2005-2006   Arjen Wolterink

2006-2007   Jelte Meulenaar

2007-2008   Jelmer Faber

2008-2009   Bart Poolman

2009-2010   Kristian Pool

2010-2011   Piter Oosterhof

2011-2012   Joost Masselink

2012-2013   Sven de Krou

2013-2014   Rogier Hilbers

2014-2015   Rob van de Velde

2015-2016   Ivo Schueler

2016-2017   Tristan Snoei

2017-2018   Richard Lantink

2018-2019   Marc Joosten

2019-2020   Luke van der Koog

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