Research Market

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The 142nd board of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"
Date and time
Oct 19, 2023 15:00 - 18:00

Research Market

Are you going to do your Master Project in the near future and do you have no idea where to start looking for a base unit that can facilitate this? Then we have the perfect activity for you! On Thursday the 19th of October from 15:00-17:30 h, Pharmaciae Sacrum organizes a Research Market. Presentations are given by the Program Directors and a PhD'er. All the base units of the pharmaceutical department will give a short pitch about who they are, what they do, and what they can offer for Master students. You will get the opportunity to give your preference for base units for the time slots beforehand. Lastly, there will be a network drink at 17:30 h! We will send you an e-mail for this after the subscription is closed on Tuesday the 17th of October.


15:00-15:30 h (3215.0126): 
15:00-15:05h     Intro by P.S.

15:05-15:15h      General info master projects Pharmacy (prof. dr. Katja Taxis)

15:15-15:20h      General info master projects MPS (prof. dr. Frank Dekker)

15:20-15:30h     PhD’er


15:30-17:30 h:
The hybrid poster market will consist of 4 sessions of 25 minutes, with two base units per time slot and 5 minutes of changing time (30 minutes in total). The base units will inform you about their projects and you can ask them all kinds of questions regarding your Master Project. Per time slot, you will have the opportunity to listen to one base unit. The base units on the left are in room 3215.0126, the base units on the right are in room 3215.0149.

Timeslot 1 (15:35-16:00): Pharmaceutical Analysis                                                +     Analytical Biochemistry

Timeslot 2 (16:05-16:30): Nanomedicine and Drug Targeting                                +     Molecular Pharmacology

Timeslot 3 (16:35-17:00): Chemical and Pharmaceutical Biology                          +     Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy

Timeslot 4 (17:05-17:30): PharmacoTherapy, -Epidemiology % Economics         +    Photopharmacology

17:30 h: Network drink



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