Regular measures

Regular measures: 

  • Keep 1,5-meter distance from other people. 

  • Often wash your hands.

  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow. 

  • Avoid busy places. 

  • Do you have any symptoms? Stay home, and get tested! If you are muggy and have a fever, your roommates also need to stay home!

Update Saturday the 26th of June

  • With an admission ticket, it is possible to sit on terraces and join clubs and restaurants with the exemption from the 1.5-meter rule, without a fixed place and without a maximum number of visitors. 
  • Without an admission ticket, the maximum number of visitors is determined by the size of the area. There is no maximum amount of visitors, but a 1.5-meter distance between visitors is still obligated. 
  • Clubs, restaurants and terraces have no fixed closing time anymore. 
  • Alcohol can be sold from stores and in the catering industry again after 22:00h.  

Update Saturday the 5th of June

  • Restaurants are open again and it is possible again to sit on terraces and inside restaurants until 22:00h.
  • It is allowed to sport outside again with the exemption from the 1.5m rule and a maximum of 50 persons older than 18 years per group.
  • Receive a maximum of 4 people at home aged 13 or older.
  • Events with fixed seats are possible with an admission ticket.
  • All shops are allowed to open again.

Update Wednesday the 19th of May

  • It is possible again to sit on terraces until 20:00h.
  • Indoor sports are allowed again with a maximum of 30 people in one room.
  • Receive a maximum of 2 people at home aged 13 years or older.

Update Friday the 7th of May

  • The curfew has been lifted.
  • Non-essential shops can receive customers between 06:00h and 20:00h without appointment

Update Monday the 29th of March

  • The lockdown and curfew have been extended until the 20th of Apil

Update Tuesday the 8th of March

  • People up to the age of 27 may exercise together outside at sports facilities again (max. 4 persons).
  • Receive a maximum of 1 person at home aged 13 years or older. Also, visit max. 1 household per day. 
  • Stay within the Netherlands. Don't travel and don't book a trip until the 15th of April. 

Update Tuesday the 12th of January

The following regulations are being applied until Tuesday the 9th of February. 

  • Go outside alone with your household or with a group of maximum 2 people.
  • Only travel when necessary.
  • Do not book any trips abroad or go abroad until at least mid-March.

Many locations are closed:

  • Theaters, concert halls, cinemas, casinos, etc.
  • Animal parks, amusement parks, etc.
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Hotels are open, but restaurants and room service in a hotel are closed.