Dear P.S.-members, 

We are living in special times these days. The National Institute for Public Health and Environment (hereafter RIVM) and the University of Groningen have implemented COVID-19 measures for everyone. At the bottom of this page, you can find the latest updates about the new corona measures and the things we can do together to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Keep an eye on this page to stay updated! 

For additional COVID-19 measures and more information about previous measures, please check out the webpage of the Government of the Netherlands. We strongly recommend that you keep a close eye on this webpage

G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"

As the COVID-19 situation is getting more severe, P.S. will adapt to the new regulations by changing her COVID-19 policy for at least the upcoming four weeks. 

  • The organization of physical activities will be limited.

  • If possible, the physical activities that were already planned will be shifted to an online event, as the current RIVM, company and University of Groningen regulations simply do not allow for these activities to take place physically. 

  • If a member does not stick to the measures, he or she will be removed from the activity.

  • As working from home remains the norm, the P.S. board will be working at home unless it is absolutely necessary to be in the Faculty. It is also impossible to invite members to our boardroom. 

We hope to have informed you enough for now. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the board via For now, remember to stay healthy and safe! 


Since educational institutions are excluded from the national measures, students are still allowed to have physical lectures and travel to and from the University. However, the University is appealing everyone to study and work from home, unless it is really necessary to come. For the most current update from the University, you can check out the information on this webpage

It is possible  to book study spaces at the University. You have different options: 

Central Medical Library (CMB)
You can use a new tool to reserve a seat in the CMB, including seats with computers (RUG-study places). Location: A. Deusinglaan 1, Faculty building 3211, basement. Only medical students can reserve a seat in the CMB. You can reserve a seat by going to the course ‘Medical Library’ in Nestor for more information. Medical students are urgently asked to not share the link of the reservation tool, for their own sake. This way, only medical students can reserve a seat in the CMB. 

University Library (UB)
Students can reserve a work space at the University Library in the city centre for a maximum of 4 timeslots per week. The UB is opened from Monday to Sunday, with the following timeslots 
- 08:30-12:30 h
- 13:00-17:30 h
- 18:00-22:00 h
Click on this link for more information about reserving a work space at the UB. 

Linnaeusborg (LB)
There are temporarily 30 study spaces in the lobby of the Linnaeusborg (LB) that you can reserve per half day. The area with study spaces is clearly marked with tape and the study spaces are set up corona-proof. The other half of the lobby, with the so-called ‘train compartment benches’, is reserved for staff members and general use. For more information about how to book a study space, click on this link.

Mental health

The corona crisis may affect your mental health. If you are anxious or sad, stressed out or have any other psychological symptoms, you can contact the following persons: 

Regular measures: 

  • Keep 1,5 meter distance from other people. 

  • Often wash your hands.

  • Cough or sneeze in your elbow. 

  • Avoid busy places. 

  • Do you have any symptoms? Stay home, and get tested! If you are muggy and have a fever, your roommates also need to stay home!

Update Tuesday the 13th of October

From the 14th of October at 22.00h, the following additional measures will be taken nationally: 

  • Working from home will remain the norm.

  • Outside: a group of max. 4 persons or 1 household.

  • Inside: max. 30 persons are allowed in groups of max. 4 persons or 1 household.

  • You can host no more than 3 guests per day in your home, garden on your balcony in addition to your own household. 

  • Food and beverage outlets are closed. 

  • Selling alcohol after 20.00h is forbidden. 

  • Prohibition of events, with exception of for instance markets or demonstrations. 

  • Keep travelling to a limitation and if you travel, you need to wear a mouth-nose mask. 

  • Wear a mouth-nose mask inside public rooms, also within the Faculty! 

Update Thursday the 1st of October

It is strongly advised to wear mouth-nose masks in the Faculty of Medical Sciences and other RUG buildings (such as the Central Medical Library, the University Library, Aletta Jacobshal etc.). Please disinfect your hands when entering these buildings. 

Last update: the 14th of October