Themed Lunch Lecture - 'Parkinson's Disease'

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Committee Pharmaceutical Sciences 'SSS' 2023-2024
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Apr 4, 2024 13:00 - 14:30

Themed Lunch Lecture - 'Parkinson's Disease'

Parkinson's disease is a complicated brain disorder for which few types of medication have been developed. Patients with Parkinson's also suffer from many comorbidities, resulting in a long list of medications that change frequently as the disease progresses. Clementine Stuijt is a pharmacist in the outpatient clinic 'Punt voor Parkinson', where specialist care is provided for individual patients with Parkinson's disease. She will talk about medication use in Parkinson's disease and her experience with optimizing medication used on an individual level.

To learn more about this topic you should join our Themed Lunch Lecture on Thursday, the 4th of April. It will start at 13.00 with lunch, after which Clementine Stuijt will tell us more about Parkinson’s disease. It will end at 14.30 at the latest. There are 48 places available. If more than 48 people sign up a draw will be held on Thursday, March 28.

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Committee Pharmaceuticals Sciences "SSS" 2023-2024

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