Meet, Greet & Matching: LIFE Cooperative - GEBC


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Nov 25, 2020 15:30 - 17:00

Meet, Greet & Matching: LIFE Cooperative - GEBC

On Wednesday 25 November 2020 (3.30 pm to 5 pm) the Groningen Engineering Business Center (GEBC) will organize a Meet & Greet together with LIFE Cooperative! The Meet & Greet is all about meeting and connecting students (RUG- GEBC) and the Life Sciences and MedTech companies from the LIFE Cooperative, to form concrete internship and graduation projects between these parties. Students can register for one of the five themes, namely: Medical Polymers, (Bio) Medical Technology, Plastics & Recycling, Bioanalytics & Pharma Chemistry and Bioprocessing. Two or three companies are present in each theme group.


You can register for one of the 5 (parallel) themes by signing up. Click on 'join'. After that, fill in the theme that you want to attend (see 'Companies present'). You will receive information and the link to participate before the event. Per theme, there are two or three companies present and your students. In addition to an introduction per company, the primary objective is; making companies and young talent visible and connecting / formulating internship or graduation projects.

Non-members: you can sign up via this form

Companies present:

The first names of the companies present in the various theme groups are already known. These companies work together in the LIFE Cooperative, a cooperative of Life Sciences and MedTech companies that work together and share knowledge to strengthen the Northern innovative power.

1. Medical Polymers

o     Polyvation
PolyVation provides polymer development, custom synthesis, scale-up and GMP manufacturing services for customers developing and commercializing advanced biomedical and pharmaceutical product applications.

o     Polyganics
An innovative medical technology company developing and delivering unique medical devices to improve surgical outcomes and patient recovery. Have you heard about our Liver and Pancreas Sealant Patch? Or our new R&D location on Zernike Campus Groningen? Polyganics is an innovative, privately-held medical technology company bringing to market unique bioresorbable devices to facilitate tissue repair and regeneration after surgery.

2. Bioanalytics & Pharma Chemistry

o     MercachemSyncom
MercachemSyncom is the result of the fusion of three leading European contract research organizations. We have over 450 scientists at four locations (Groningen, Nijmegen, & Weert in the Netherlands and Prague in the Czech Republic). MercachemSyncom is a premium European-based CRO built on excellence in small molecule discovery and development and custom synthesis.

3. Bioprocessing

o     EV Biotech

A new and better method of microbial cell factory strain engineering. EV Biotech has an incredibly varied and interdisciplinary team with several technical backgrounds. From entrepreneurship to computational modelling. From metabolic engineering to protein engineering. From physics to finance.

o     Bioclear Earth | Creating with the power of nature
Bioclear was founded in 1988 as a spin-off from the University of Groningen. At the time, biological soil remediation was still unknown territory. Our clients, like us, were pioneers who dared to deviate from the beaten track with us. Organic soil treatment is now the standard, and we have started to apply the solutions that nature offers in more and more areas of work. We believe that prosperity and a healthy environment can go hand in hand if we are willing to learn from the intelligence of nature. With the broadening of our field of work, it was time for a new name and a new logo. From now on, Bioclear is called: Bioclear earth.

 Inspired by the power of nature, we also want to take new paths with you in the future and work on sustainable solutions, so that together we can pass on the earth in a cleaner and more beautiful way.

4. (Bio)Medical Technology

o     Lode Holding
Lode Holding is the parent company of the subsidiaries Lode, ProCare, aXtion and Umaco. With a rich experience, history and a wide range of products and services in Life Sciences, Lode Holding is more than 65 years a leading partner. We want to contribute to medical technology, healthcare and a healthy environment and thereby be a reliable partner.

o     Pezy Group
We create clarity in complex problems, discover new possibilities and help to realize innovative solutions in which technology, user and design go hand in hand. 25 years ago, we started as a technical product developer, and we have grown into a full-service product development agency with a team of 85 specialists in design, engineering, electronics and industrialization.

 Every day we look for ways to work together in better, smarter and in valuable ways, both for our customers and as Pezy team. We are a passionate team that works closely together from various locations in the Netherlands and love challenges and humour in the workplace.

  o     VDL Wientjes
VDL Wientjes Roden is a company with around 65 employees based in Roden (the Netherlands) that develops, produces and assembles thermoplastic plastic products for a wide range of markets and in close co-operation with its customers.

5. Plastics & Recycling

o     Senbis
Senbis is a Dutch company that divides its activities between R&D services and the production of sustainable polymeric products. The R&D activities are performed by Senbis Polymer Innovations and the products are sold by Senbis Sustainable Products.

o     Cumapol CuRe
Polyester is one of the most commonly used plastics. It is used for products like bottles, carpets and clothes, and brings endless benefits. But it has a huge downside. We are faced with a continually growing waste mountain. Currently, 91% of all polyester products are not being recycled because they are coloured or contaminated or contain additives. The result: 64 billion kilograms of waste all over the world, year after year. What if we could turn a huge problem into huge possibilities? What if we could find a real CuRe? And that is exactly what we found! Together with Cumapol, DSM-Niaga, DuFor and Morssinkhof, in close collaboration with NHL Stenden University, we discovered a smarter and scalable solution. To create a fully circular polyester chain.


Students looking for a project (on short term) can send in their CV and motivation letter. Other students can submit a CV. Please indicate the theme you have registered in the title of your email and send your CV (and motivation letter) before Thursday 19 November to We will forward your information to the affiliated companies of the chosen theme.

For questions about the online event, please contact Matthijs de Jong, GEBC ( or Ronald Hesse, LIFE Cooperative (


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