Foreign Trip (Educational part of Wednesday 14 April)


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Foreign Trip Committee 2020-2021
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Apr 14, 2021 14:00 - 17:00

Foreign Trip (Educational part of Wednesday 14 April)

Note: you can subscribe for the whole BEC including educational and social activities but also for only educational activities and this is per day. This is the registration page of the educational programme of Wednesday 14th of April.

Many people have some questions about the corona vaccine and wonder for example how it is possible that the production of the vaccine went so fast. On Wednesday 14 April the BEC has organised two presentations about this topic. First, we will have a presentation from Janssen Vaccines about the development, production and working of the corona vaccine. Afterwards, we will have a small presentation from Ton de Boer, chair of the CBG, whom you can ask all your questions about the vaccine.

If you want, for only €2.50 you can get a lunch from Broodje Ben before this activity will start. You can sign up for a lunch until the 12th of April. If you do not want a sandwich, you can attend this activity for free.

After registering you will get the link to the Zoom on the 14th of April. Please, besides registering fill in this Google Form.


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