Extra Lessons Pharmaceutical Analysis

About this event

The 142nd board of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"
Date and time
Jun 25, 2024 09:00 - 11:00

Extra Lessons Pharmaceutical Analysis

Would you like to have extra lessons for the course Pharmaceutical Analysis? Then register for this event. 

The lessons will take place on:

                                                          Time                               Location
Tuesday 25th of June                       09:00 - 11:00                  3212.0215
Wednesday 26th of June                  09:00 - 11:00                  3212.0215
Thursday 27th of June                      09:00 - 11:00                  3212.0215

The lessons are free! There are 15 places available. You can sign up anonymously for the lessons.

Note: if you sign up for the extra lessons, you are expected to attend! If you can't come, please send an mail to board@psgroningen.nl in time.