Dies Reveal Night


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Dies Committee 2020-2021
Date and time
Dec 8, 2020 20:00 - 21:30

Dies Reveal Night

On the 8th of December, the Dies Committee will reveal its theme and program of the 139th Dies Natalis! With the help of different exercises, the participants can guess the theme (if you find the solutions of course). The exercises will take place in groups (with a maximum of 6 people, if this is permitted according to the measures in force at that time). So, when you decide to participate, please indicate with which other members you want to join in the ‘remark’ section. In an online session, it will be possible to communicate with the Dies Committee, who will keep track of the progress of the exercises. After the theme is guessed, the Dies Committee will show their reveal video! 
Obviously, we won’t discourage you to enjoy the evening with a few drinks! See you then!

Update: The winner of the evening (who guesses the theme first) can win an amazing prize, namely free tickets for the gala dinner! It is important that every member of a team has to be signed-up, to be able to receive the prize.


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