BENU Pharmacy Training (part 2)

About this event

The 140th board of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"
Date and time
Jan 26, 2022 19:00 - 22:00

BENU Pharmacy Training (part 2)

The 'BENU Apothekersopleiding' is a program that consists of three modules, namely: Human, Market and Finance. Every module consists of two evenings (January 12th and 26th) for a maximum of 35 members. When more than 35 members sign up for this activity, we will draw lots on Friday January 7th. For this workshop, half of the places are reserved for 'Professioneel en Academisch Handelen' and the other half is for other members that are interested. In a time frame of three years we will cover a different module every year to give the students the possibility to get a BENU certificate within these three years. The certificate will be handed out when a member has followed all three modules. 

The module that will be given this year is 'Human'. This module is focused around how you can be a leader and how to communicate effectively. Furthermore, different communication styles will be mentioned.

Both nights will take place online from 19:00 until 22:00.

Note that this activity will be held in Dutch and state in the remarks if you want to let this activity count for ‘Professioneel en Academisch Handelen’.