Afternoon Symposium - 'Innovations in Healthcare'

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Committee Pharmaceutical Sciences "SSS" 2022-2023
Date and time
Mar 22, 2023 12:30 - 17:00

Afternoon Symposium - 'Innovations in Healthcare'

On Wednesday the 22nd of March, our first symposium of the year will take place. The topic will be ‘Innovations in Healthcare’. Four speakers will tell something about new techniques or treatments they are involved in. Healthcare never stands still. This is better, because otherwise, we would, for example, still have polio in the Netherlands. Innovations ensure that healthcare is continuously improved. During the Afternoon Symposium, Pim de Haan will tell something about the ‘organ-on-a-chip’ and Rob Coppes will give a lecture about using stem cells from salivary glands to treat cancer. Daniel Willfert from Ardena will tell something about nanomedicine and bioanalysis, and lastly, Yuri Blaauw will give a lecture about pulsed-field ablation for atrial fibrillation. In other words, during this Afternoon Symposium, you will learn a lot about topics that have led to developments in pharmacy and healthcare in general.

The Afternoon Symposium will start at 12.30h with lunch. After that, each speaker will give a small lecture and the Symposium will end at 16.45h. So, come to this activity if you want to be informed about important and very interesting innovations. The Symposium will take place in 3111.0105.

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There will be lunch for the participants for €2,-. If you want to receive lunch, sign up for a lunch. Let us know when signing up if you have any allergies or dietary whishes. 

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The following people can attend:

  1. Samira Lier

  2. Carlijn Boerebach

  3. Loes van Cappelle

  4. Benjamin Boons

  5. Daan Malingre

  6. Myrthe Boerrigter

  7. Emma Dorenbos

  8. Morgan Spruijtenburg

  9. Xander van Es

  10. Carmen Willems

  11. Afaf Basmaji 

  12. Linn Sproncken 

  13. E.A. Jones 

  14. Britt Prakke

  15. Levi Roth 

  16. Thije Poelman 

  17. Laurence Broeksema 

  18. David Hoekstra

  19. Romano K Kumar 

  20. Spyros Oikonomou 

  21. Lisanne Carmen Visscher 

  22. Caroline Jollie 

  23. Ana-Maria Radu 

  24. Naomi Hekkert

  25. Sander van de Water 

  26. Pien Siermann 

  27. Jan Appelo 

  28. Jasmijn Balk 

  29. Yeonwoo Choi 

  30. Sohail Hoshmand 

  31. Atharshan Arumugam 

  32. Symen Terpstra 

  33. Emma Koen

  34. Dafina Berisha 

  35. Dani Karagiannis 

  36. Aylin Aylanç 

  37. Nadine Alshaar 

  38. Lars Doornbos 

  39. Jasmijn Offringa 

  40. Gizem Gulge 

  41. Evie Prokesh 

  42. Annemarijn Lagerburg 

  43. Anniek Sikkema 

  44. Hagop Sakhoyan 

  45. June Souman 

  46. Tina Saadatkia 

  47. Teun Ex 

  48. Lina Que 

  49. Sadaf Wafa

  50. Jolie Al Badeen 

  51. Laré Ahmad 

  52. Kelvin Mulia 

  53. Jorn Versluis 

  54. Lieke Geschiere 

  55. Sanne Habing 

  56. Frank Gritter 

  57. Abdulrahman Alasaad

  58. Kim Liong Nikolaas

  59. Anouk Morsink 

  60. Peter Ester 

  61. Doa’a Farhat 

  62. Jouke Schilstra 

  63. Giona Isidora 

  64. Bashir Shamma 

  65. Omar Al Kaisi 

  66. Sophie Zomers 

  67. Amy Austin Poelarends 

  68. Lisanne Boer 

  69. Mart Beertema 

  70. Rojien Aziz 

  71. Eva Simons 

  72. Mabel Maria ten Hoope

  73. Nick Huisma 

  74. Sofie Reitsma

  75. Savanna Hamming 

  76. Lisanne Baks 

  77. Marjolijn van der Graaf 

  78. Justina Quao

  79. Irem Polat 

  80. Joost van Mierlo

  81. Kaziwa Zanna de Valk

  82. Julia Nienhuijs 

  83. Pieter Drost 

  84. Jan Jaap van Soest 

  85. David Fatuga 

  86. Albertine Safina Tjioe 

  87. Lotte Jansen 

  88. Lieke Boomstra 

  89. Jan Nobbe

  90. Mette Lijcklama à Nijeholt

  91. Anna Posthumus 

  92. Tess Brouwer

  93. Chelsy Schuur

  94. Pawel Kabulski

  95. Rashida Shaifta Shahan Baboe 

  96. Daniëlle Bosgraaf

  97. Mohammad Mustafa 

  98. Sarah Wierda

  99. Yorn Pluim

Waiting List:

  1. Tessa Wierenga 

  2. Eline Vrouenraets 

  3. Teun van der Woude 

  4. Edith van der Leij 

  5. Joris Evert Aalten 

  6. Hidde Voorhoeve 

  7. Teun Diesveld

  8. Shiwa Saqeb 

  9. Fleur Verhagen 

  10. Alma Balleh 

  11. Weijia Pan 

  12. Femke Slob 

  13. Floor Hoogeveen

  14. Dimitra Paschou

  15. Benne Brook 

  16. Farzaneh Fotovat Niya 

  17. Fleur Peulen 

  18. Rutger Wiltink 

  19. Reina Brouwer 

  20. Sophie Posthumus 

  21. Jimin L Lim 

  22. Isa Ruth Brouwer 

  23. Eva Nobels 

  24. Arén Serkisyan 




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