Bicycle Performance Tour (RWPT)

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Sports Committee 2022-2023
Date and time
May 27, 2023 09:30 - 19:30

Bicycle Performance Tour (RWPT)

On the 27th of May the oldest and most fun activity of our study association will take place: the RijWielPrestatieTocht (Bicycle Performance Tour)! In teams, we will cycle through Groningen and its surroundings and you can score points by performing several challenges and games. This year the theme will be “Spooky with the Spoco”, so make sure to dress as spooky as possible and be prepared for some scary challenges during the ride… At the end of the day, the most brave and spooky team will win a prize! After finishing the cycling tour we will go mini-golfing and finish off with a nice dinner at Restaurant Napoli. The costs for the entire day are €15 including lunch, dinner, and drinks! 

You can register in teams of 4-6 people (mention your name and the name of your team members in de remarks). A maximum of 70 people can participate. If more people register, a draw will take place on the 20th of May. Please also mention dietary requests in the remarks. We hope to see you all on the 27th of May :)

Do you have dietary requirements/allergies? Mention them in the remarks!

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Sports Committee 2022-2023


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