Dies Scientific Symposium

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Dies Committee 2022-2023
Date and time
Feb 8, 2023 09:00 - 17:00
Best Western Plus Hotel

Dies Scientific Symposium

On Wednesday, February 8, 2023, the Scientific Symposium will take place. As a current topic, the Dies Committee has chosen 'The meloDIES of Audiology' as theme this year. This is expected to be a very interesting day for the association. Speakers from different disciplines, who will ensure that the symposium will highlight a broad spectrum of topics, are expected. After the opening of the Scientific Symposium by the Dies Committee and the 141st board, Prof. dr. Scheurink will give a small introduction to the day and the topic of the Symposium. After that, Dr. ir. de Kleine will give the first presentation about spontaneous otoacoustic emissions (SOAEs) followed by a short coffee break. After that, Prof. dr. Baskent will speak about melody in use of patient care in audiology: Music training for rehabilitation followed by a presentation by S.J. van Tuinen-Pyott about the development of new pharmaceutical strategies to prevent and treat hearing disorders. After the lunch break, Prof. dr. van Dijk will talk about the relationship between tinnitus and brain function. Followed by a talk by Dr. van den Berge about an Auditory Brainstem Implant (ABI) as an implant for hearing improvement. More information about the speakers can be found here

The program can be found here. The accreditation is to be determined, but will most probably be around 4.5 points. Members (students and alumni) can sign up via this page. Non-members of P.S. can register via the registration form. You can register for the Scientific Symposium until Wednesday, February 1, 2023.

You can find the whole Dies Scientific Symposium booklet with the program and the information about the speakers via this link

The symposium will start at 9.00 am. The costs are €100,00 for non-members, €40,00 for alumni of G.F.S.V “Pharmaciae Sacrum” and €3,00 for students.

The symposium is compulsory for students who take part in the ProPharm 3 course. These students do not have to register. There are approximately 50 places available for other students. 50% of the remaining spots will be reserved for ProPharm, if the other 50% is not filled, these spots can also be divided. When signing up, let us know if you want to let this activity count for ProPharm and for which year.

If you want to let this activity count for your SAC (Study Active Certificate). Send an e-mail to board@psgroningen.nl.

Note: This symposium will be held in English!

Time: 09:00 - 17:00
Location: Best Western Plus Hotel, Laan Corpus den Hoorn 300


The following people can join:

  1. Myrthe Boerrigter

  2. Emma Dorenbos

  3. Morgan Spruijtenburg

  4. Xander van Es

  5. Carmen Willems

  6. Susannah Wever

  7. Manolito Musters 

  8. Twan Schrijver 

  9. Ruurd Boonstra 

  10. Dominique Haan 

  11. Laura ten Broek

  12. Evie Prokesh 

  13. Hewa Abdulkader 

  14. Thomas Wijnands 

  15. Anette Mägi 

  16. Lisa Aksu 

  17. Nathaly Dirks 

  18. Edith van der Leij 

  19. Juliana Guirguis 

  20. Inge Heidstra 

  21. Rand Atally

  22. Iris de Haan 

  23. Widad Wirdi 

  24. Jad Shuqeir 

  25. Mylène van den Brule 

  26. Sjoerd Luijben 

  27. Rijk Wagenaar 

  28. Yeuk Yin Ma

  29. Eline Brummelhuis

  30. Lisanne de Valk 

  31. Raluca Beatrice Teodorescu 

  32. Wessel Smeenge 

  33. Marianneke Laarman 

  34. Delia-Andreea Varaticeanu

  35. Milena Kuhn 

  36. Lukas Top 

  37. Saskia Brinkman 

  38. Frederike Adriaens 

  39. Eline Vrouenraets

  40. Orshina Gouriye Gouriye 

  41. Manon Helmantel 

  42. Maria-Alexandra Hanet

  43. Fleur Verhagen

  44. David Hoekstra 

  45. Mohamed Hassan Moayad 

  46. Milou Wagteveld 

  47. Lina ter Veen 

  48. Osama Mlehati 

  49. Ilona Jallo 

  50. Verity Hill 

  51. Stefan Teertstra 

  52. Vayshni Sitaram 

  53. Bo Gruppen 

  54. Sandra Zijlstra 

  55. Julius Hegge 

  56. Arjen Zijlstra 

  57. Maria Viviana Mărgărit 

  58. Weijia Pan 

  59. Anneli van der Veen

  60. Nwamaka Obi 

  61. Ana-Maria Radu

  62. Nadine Bohemen

  63. C. Nijdam 

  64. Mery Rose Komi

  65. Andreea Diana Simoiu 

  66. Paphatya Knijpstra-Poonpratin 

  67. Ceren Yilmaz 

  68. Madelief Pekarek

  69. Sophie Flaus 

  70. Hannah Diever 

  71. Sara Eloise Ruiter 

  72. Lisa Froukje van Wier 

  73. Mirte Kamphorst 

  74. Eva Koek 

  75. Sara Arnous 

  76. Chantal van den Berg 

  77. Rosalie van Egmond

  78. Guusje Jansen 

  79. Shiwa Saqeb

  80. Atharshan Arumugam

  81. Hanna Hage

  82. Henk Tiktak 

  83. Andre Vermeer 

  84. Isabelle de Jonge 

  85. Adrian-Alexandru Chivulescu 

  86. Farah Ghalandar Andarzi 

  87. Emma Jansman

  88. Shams Alzaobi

  89. Casper Chou

  90. Eline Eshuis

  91. Stijn Rijnders

  92. Monique Zeemering 

  93. Arman Jafari 

  94. Sara Refai 

  95. Viviënne Jin


You can sign out until Monday the 6th of February 12:00. The list will be updated. 


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