National Company Visit

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Committee Pharmaceutical Sciences "SSS" 2021-2022
Date and time
30 Aug 2022 11:30 - 31 Aug 2022 11:35

National Company Visit

On Tuesday the 30th and Wednesday the 31st of August the National Company Visit will take place. The first day we will visit two pharmaceutical companies. Lelypharma located in Lelystad and Zorginstituut Nederland located in Diemen. After we visited those two companies we will travel by bus to Rotterdam. In Rotterdam we have a beer tasting and we will go out in this city! The next day (Wednesday), we will visit the third company, namely Ofichem Group located in Ter Apel. After this visit we will travel back to Groningen and end with a nice dinner.

Remark: Please note in the remarks whether you are a vegetarian/vegan and/or if you have dietary wishes!

The maximum number of participants is 35 people. If more than 35 participants want to participate a drawn will take place on the 1st of August. The costs for the National Company visit are 20 euros per person. 

The draw has taken place. In accordance with the protocol, older students have priority over younger students (first, second and third year students). The results of the draw are shown below.


The following people can join:

  1. Myrthe Boerrigter 

  2. Emma Dorenbos 

  3. Morgan Spruijtenburg 

  4. Xander van Es 

  5. Carmen Willems 

  6. Maud Hulsbeek 

  7. Femke Askamp 

  8. Jesse Mulder 

  9. Lotte Jansen 

  10. Rijk Wagenaar 

  11. Wies van Bakel 

  12. Emma van Kampen 

  13. Sybrand Zielhuis 

  14. Thirsa Lohuis 

  15. Anieke Hofhuis 

  16.  Emma van Rijn 

  17.  Tijn Jorritsma 

  18.  Mirthe Stavast 

  19.  Eline Bosch 

  20.  Sharon Koers 

  21.  Adnan Kanaan 

  22.  Nina Nooteboom 

  23.  Haijo Molema 

  24.  Manon Wilpshaar 

  25.  Marijke van der Wagt 

  26. Jiadai Sun 

  27. Twan Schrijver

  28. Mart Zuijdgeest 

  29. Floris Hofman

  30. Femke Slob


It is possible to unsubscribe until 16 August 17:00. The vacant spot will then be transferred to the next member of the list of persons who are not admitted. 



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