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The 138th board of G.F.S.V. "Pharmaciae Sacrum"
Date and time
Oct 3, 2019 18:45 - 21:00
Van Swinderen Huys

Asc Academics Workshop

On Thursday, October 3rd, Asc Academics is running an evening workshop on ‘Market Access and
Health Economics in the Netherlands’.

Over three short sessions you will be given an overview of the complex and dynamic processes
behind the reimbursement trajectory of new innovative medicines in the Netherlands, presented
from the perspectives of the Dutch health technology assessment (HTA) agency Zorginstituut, the
pharmaceutical industry, and everything in between. How does reimbursement work? Who are the
stakeholders? What if a drug is not “cost-effective”? The workshop will get into these and more hot
topics from Europe, the Netherlands, the news, and among healthcare professionals.

Marijke de Vries (Pharmacotherapy Advisor) and Friso Coerts (Pharmacoeconomics Advisor) will
present the perspective of the Zorginstituut. They will provide an overview of the current
reimbursement system and the challenges to expect in the future. Modjtaba Faqiri (Market Access
Manager at pharmaceutical company Janssen, part of the Johnson & Johnson group) will present the
pharmaceutical industry perspective from the point of view of a manufacturer. He will describe how
they prepare for the reimbursement process and how to ensure and optimize availability for the
patients. Last but not least, the director of Asc Academics, Evgeni Dvortsin will illustrate how health
economics plays an important role in (worldwide) reimbursement systems and he will also give
insight into the use of health economics by NGOs like WHO and the Bill and Melinda Gates

The workshop starts at 6:45 pm (walk-in with coffee and tea from 6:30 pm) at the Van Swinderen
Huys and will end at 9:00 pm with drinks and snacks.

- This event will be held in English
- The maximum number of participants is 45. If there are more registrations, we will pick by random. 
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