Study Support Sessions


From September onwards we will organize Study Support Sessions for first-year courses. These are organized to help with studying, to answer questions, and to study with your fellow students. These sessions are not about the content of the course, but mainly about what is expected and how you could handle the subjects of the course. The planning for these sessions will be placed before the start of the academic year on this webpage. If you have any questions about these sessions, please send a mail to

Data with sessions

Course Datum SessionTimeRoom

Monday September 12

Wednesday September 14


13:30 -15:00



MBCO2Monday October 312:00- 14:003111.0026A 
GeneticsMonday October 1713:00 - 15:003211.0137
PTB1Monday December 1211:00-13:003215.0162


and pharmacology

Thursday January 26

The data and times will be updated.