Foreign Trip Committee


Each year an excursion is organized abroad. The organization of the excursion is done by the Foreign Trip Committee, also called the BEC. 49 pharmacists and a teacher will travel to a city abroad, where they visit several pharmaceutical companies and the university. Alternately, one year the trip lasts 4 days and the other year the trip lasts 5 days. In addition to this educational part, the committee organizes social and cultural activities during the trip. The Foreign Trip Committee is installed at the General Members' Meeting in March and consists of 5 persons.


Foreign Trip Committee 2020-2021

Joost Mulder (2016) Praeses
Morgan Spruijtenburg (2018) Ab-actis
Sharon Koers (2017) Quaestor
Salomé Mooij (2016) Assessor I
Henk-Jan Oude Heuvel (2019) Assessor II