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Membership at Pharmaciae Sacrum has many benefits. You can get textbooks and a lab coat at reduced prices. Additionally P.S. organizes many activities for its members, as shown in the calendar. There is a P.S.-get together every first Tuesday of the month, there are excursions to pharmaceutical companies and informational activities, for example in the form of a debate or a pharmaceutical medical evening. Pharmaciae Sacrum also offers lots of fun. During breaks the P.S.-boardroom is always full of people who come for a coffee or tea and have lunch. P.S. forms a binding factor for the students of pharmacy.

As a member you can participate in a committee or the board, allowing you to gain experience in organizing activities, writing to writers and speakers and working in a team.

If you sign up for the study of Pharmacy, you will automatically receive a booklet about the Introduction Day and Introduction Camp. Moreover, information about the subscription to Pharmaciae Sacrum will be added.

You can apply as a new member of the association via this website. In addition, you will need to scan and send the paper registration form, English or Dutch, and SEPA authorization, English and Dutch via email or during the Introduction Day. Otherwise we won’t be able to approve your registration. Send this scanned forms to When we receive this form, we will accept you on our website and you can fill in the rest of your data. From then on you have access to the entire website and you will be able to enroll for the Introduction Camp.

The Pharmaciae Sacrum membership costs 15 euro a year. If you sign up as a member of P.S., you automatically become a member of the national association, the K.N.P.S.V.. Membership of P.S. ensures that you get your textbooks at reduced prices and you can go to all the activities. In addition, each year you get an Almanac and four Foliola (association magazine).

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